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Palatino Roma
squwetchy It’s been a quarter of a century since my last visit here, and it’s always a wonderful reminder of the scope of the world and our long history when we travel. Tho once again the best plein air #sketching places are where the crowds are, and I with my pen and #sketchbook were plonk in the middle of people looking over my shoulder and even photographing my #urbansketching in the midst of ancient Roman ruins. This is the Palatino, an archeological site in the middle of Rome where the giants of history like Caesar once strolled … but today just little old me sketched.
Saturday the 22nd of July, 2023, and up late.
Sketching Desk
squwetchy I may have posted this sketch before from #newyork, but I wrote a short #blog post to accompany it now. New York was really eye opening from an #urbansketching perspective, giving me a lot of good chances to draw on location and also do so with limited tools and time.
Monday the 21st of November, 2022, in the mid-afternoon.