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The Coding Desk
I’ve been writing code. See, about eight months back I created this very applet upon which you are reading these words as a means to (a) avoid posting on evil corporate social media while (b) keep sharing photos with a select group of family and friends. If you scroll back far enough you’ll find the #newyork pics upon which I trialed the whole endeavour. And tho I’m lightly and cautiously back to sharing on a couple of the regular socials, I still post here too, arguably more so. So, I finally dug in my heels and wrote some php to fix a few deficiencies in the code over this past weekend, adding some quality of life enhancements for myself in the UI on the backend, also the ability to edit my own posts (ultimately making better posts for you!) and finally adding the multiple-images feature where any post can have up to 5 pics and you will see little navigation buttons on the bottom corners if it does. I’m still not sure if anyone even visits this, but I use it as a memory machine which is all that really matters anyhow. If you do enjoy it let me know IRL. In the meantime that’s my #meta #update for tonight, and hopefully I don’t find any more bugs and can just go back to posting pics! #blog
Sunday the 11th of June, 2023, posted at bedtime.
Sketching Desk
squwetchy I may have posted this sketch before from #newyork, but I wrote a short #blog post to accompany it now. New York was really eye opening from an #urbansketching perspective, giving me a lot of good chances to draw on location and also do so with limited tools and time.
Monday the 21st of November, 2022, in the mid-afternoon.