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Terwillegar Drive
8r4d Apparently #winter is struggling to figure out what it wants to be this year as it’s now a few days into January and the snow is missing but the temperatures are fighting to dip into proper historical context. The ice fog was amazing but the weather is colder than it looks through the window. I’ve been struggling myself, not with the cold but rather with trying to find a good place to write. Home is okay but a change of scenery on these winter-bound months is nice. The coffee shop is good sometimes, but it costs money to sit there and lately the remote work folks have decided that there is actually no social faux pas in having an hour long video meeting from #starbucks right? Today I walked the thirty minute stroll up to the local #library branch and claimed a seat there. It was okay too, but still not the vibe I was seeking somehow. The search continues…
Thursday the 4th of January, 2024, around lunch-ish.
Back Home
squwetchy One of the small handful of souvenirs I brought home from #newyork was a #sketchbook. How exciting, you muse sarcastically. But this particular leather-bound Italian-made journal came from the gift shop at the New York Public Library and bears an authentic NYC #library stamp embossed on the cover. Even empty it is a thing of beauty and quality and as soon as I figure out what I plan to draw in it, it will likely get even more awesome.
Saturday the 19th of November, 2022, in the late morning.