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8r4d Almost every week for the last decade we make family #breakfast on #saturday mornings. Usually that takes the form of my epic chocolate chip #pancakes with all the fixings. But routinely we switch it up and alternate in either waffles or — in the case of today— #french #crepes (which I learned to cook while #volunteering at the Heritage Festival. It all adds up to deliciousness no matter how you do the math
Saturday the 17th of June, 2023, in mid-morning.
Red Deer
Boxing Day #breakfast was grandpa’s famously secret cinnamon buns.
Monday the 26th of December, 2022, in mid-morning.
Our Kitchen
8r4d I’ve made about a thousand of these #egg sandwiches over the years. Sure, you can go to a fast food joint and order yours, but we make them so much better on a #castiron pan I am the #breakfast king!
Saturday the 24th of December, 2022, in the late morning.
My Kitchen
8r4d I've spent the last 3 years thru the pandemic living off #sourdough toast for my #breakfast. Not that I'm sick of bread or anything, but I'm trying to branch out a bit, eat healthier and get a bit more fiber in my diet. Morning oatmeal with fruit and a drizzle of fruit syrup for a touch of sweetness is on the menu these days. Great, though I might need to research oatmeal toppings and mix it up soon.
Monday the 28th of November, 2022, at breakfast.