Suspense, Mystery & Horror
Murder and riddles, and dark fears unfurled upon unsuspecting protagonists.
It was almost certainly a #Gen6 that had cut the power in the facility and left them to cower in the #darkness with nothing but the flicker of distant emergency lighting and the dying beams of the remaining flashlights. The fives had been clever enough, and had replicated the code to access the internal building systems that the fours had perfected, but the sixes had become — how had #Sullivan put it? — “crazy” he had called it. Crazy robots, created by intelligent robots, created by clever robots, all the way down through now six generations past the initial experimental #neuralnets. Six generations and half as many days and here they were, just two of the team left, cowering in a supply closet with the door barricaded and food supplies running low. What would they do if Gen7 or Gen8 was smart enough to figure out there was a world outside the lab? Or would they even be left alive to care? A rumble just past the door shook her out of her reverie, and another rattled the hinges of the closet door. She was almost certain she would never know.
[ 193 words | 2022-12-04 ]
Daily story prompt for 12th of April 2024:
Write a science fiction story about a student that want to be a floating friend.