Science Fiction
Stories from the distant future or creeping now, of space, time and technology gone awry.
When the package arrived, #Gully could hardly believe his own eyes. He’d spent nearly twenty years and more hours than he could count looking for what the shipping label promised would be inside. The effort he had put into writing search #algorithms and conversational chatbots designed to enter online forums and converse with the right people, to track down the best clues, to hunt through a seemingly endless trail of dead ends. All of it, every second of effort, leading to just this: an inconspicuous #package set into his hands by a post carrier. He signed the screen and shooed the #courier away as he ducked back into his apartment to pry open the #box. The packing tape peeled away with a shlu-shk! and the crackle of the cardboard as he wedged the edges of the flaps inward to reach for the contents broke the nervous quiet of the small, dark room. When his hand emerged from the box it was clutching a small dark brown orb roughly the size of a walnut and textured nearly the same, as if a tiny hazel-hued #brain had been shrunk and dried and mailed to his home. It was in fact a #seed. And Gully had found one, rare as they were, a seed for an impossible #plant that most thought was only fictional, the work of special effects on a campy collection of films and theatre sets. But it was real. It was a seed that would change his destiny and maybe that of the whole world.
[ 257 words | 2022-12-07 ]
As the #stasis field collapsed from around him, #Jevin could feel his awareness slam back into his head. Someone had suggested that spending three centuries disconnected from the passage of time would be a lot like going to sleep and then gentle waking up a hundred light years and three hundred years from where he started. It wasn’t. It was more like being dunked into an ice bath and shocked awake. None of that mattered, however, because the display floating in the chamber in front of him confirmed all was well and he was exactly where he needed to be. Ten lifetimes ago someone had sent a #message hurtling through space towards Earth. His grandfather had captured it. His father had decoded it and replied to it. And he would answer it. In person.
[ 136 words | 2022-12-03 ]
The mystery of it had called her to the alien waters. Three years of graduate studies to be completed aboard The #Seraph orbiting #Jupiter with twice monthly expeditions to skim through the thin atmosphere clinging to the moon of #Europa and conduct research on her cold, watery surface. The romance of finding not only an entire evolutionary tree of life there, but one with which they could communicate, the romance of that made it so much more than school. Of course, bestowing the title of life upon a silicate-based species that for all indications more closely resembled humanity's computers or #robots was a stretch for her carbon-based analog-thinking biases. But by all indications it had evolved that way, as self-replicating computational units akin to cells that fed upon the electromagnetic charge of the moon itself and bathed in its saline seas. Three years of graduate studies had become an opportunity to change the very understanding of life itself and the Europan skimming expeditions had turned into envoys of communication, then diplomatic outreach, and ultimately expeditions of cultural exchange. That she fell in love with a Europan resident in the process was mere accident.
[ 194 words | 2022-12-01 ]
Knowing how to pick good art from the crummy stuff, that there is the real talent. Folks think they know what they like yet out there in the real world nothing is so simple. A bit of paint on a canvas here or an ink line across a page there, it’s all the same to me, shapes and forms, data too, but seeing the art from the arts and crafts is what I do best. When I give the nod to a particularly painted scene or a meticulously designed sketch it’s more than mere calculation, my reputation seeps into the equation, too. I weigh every variable. I measure and map every perspective against algorithms that trace through an immeasurable and exponentially expanding universe of systematic analysis to judge and determine the exact dimensions of my valuation. I am so much more than a database and my neural network goes far beyond a mere computational engine. Art is my very soul and my soul is art articulated upon silicon and quantum electromagnetic pulses. Folks think they know but how could they possibly compare to me. I know good art, and anyone who disagrees is simply wrong.
[ 199 words | 2022-11-28 ]
Daily story prompt for 5th of February 2023:
Write a suspense story about a robot that has built an invisible lover.