As the #stasis field collapsed from around him, #Jevin could feel his awareness slam back into his head. Someone had suggested that spending three centuries disconnected from the passage of time would be a lot like going to sleep and then gentle waking up a hundred light years and three hundred years from where he started. It wasn’t. It was more like being dunked into an ice bath and shocked awake. None of that mattered, however, because the display floating in the chamber in front of him confirmed all was well and he was exactly where he needed to be. Ten lifetimes ago someone had sent a #message hurtling through space towards Earth. His grandfather had captured it. His father had decoded it and replied to it. And he would answer it. In person.
[ 136 words | 2022-12-03 ]
Daily story prompt for 5th of February 2023:
Write a suspense story about a robot that has built an invisible lover.