Adventure! Watch as Captain Rolf #Fable once again breaks the gravity of Earth to set off on yet another daring adventure to explore the solar system. Be amazed as Fable's sleek star cruiser the #SolarSketcher zooms through the ether of space and out into the unknown depths of the universe. Adventure! On his latest and perhaps greatest journey, Rolf Fable sets down on the watery surface of the planet #Aquaria. This ocean world was once hidden behind the shadowy comet cluster but has now been revealed thanks to the bravery of Captain Fable. Adventure! What will Fable find when he dives into the ocean depths of Aquaria? What amazing discovery will he uncover below it's waves? Adventure! Will the Aquarians welcome him or will the brave Fable be forced to fight and escape from their clutches. Or will he find love in the arms of the Aquarian Princess? Find out in the next installment of Captain Fable in the Thirty Third Century! Adventure!
[ 165 words | 2022-12-05 ]
Daily story prompt for 12th of April 2024:
Write a science fiction story about a student that want to be a floating friend.