Captain Tom #Duster took the spyglass from his eye and waited a pair of heartbeats before turning to face the crew. “She’s a runaway, fer shore, innit she?” Lascoe, his first mate asked under his breath. “She seems to be.” Duster replied. “The #Horntail is more than worthy to catch her, but her course is straying too and fro with a heading for deep water. I’m afeared she’ll rip herself to timbers before we can split the difference.” Lascoe furrowed his brow for only a moment before turning to shout out at the bustling pirate crew. “Full sail, ye dogs!” He barked the order and naught a man but looked up and instead made for the ropes to unfurl the last of the bunched linens to the wind. “We’re on’er, Cap’in.” He said over his shoulder confidently. “And Miss Couper, she’ll be back a’bard in not a wink, sir.” Duster simply nodded and brought the glass back to his eye once more.
[ 190 words | 2022-12-06 ]
Daily story prompt for 1st of October 2023:
Write a suspense story about a criminal that is looking for a secret building.