When the package arrived, #Gully could hardly believe his own eyes. He’d spent nearly twenty years and more hours than he could count looking for what the shipping label promised would be inside. The effort he had put into writing search #algorithms and conversational chatbots designed to enter online forums and converse with the right people, to track down the best clues, to hunt through a seemingly endless trail of dead ends. All of it, every second of effort, leading to just this: an inconspicuous #package set into his hands by a post carrier. He signed the screen and shooed the #courier away as he ducked back into his apartment to pry open the #box. The packing tape peeled away with a shlu-shk! and the crackle of the cardboard as he wedged the edges of the flaps inward to reach for the contents broke the nervous quiet of the small, dark room. When his hand emerged from the box it was clutching a small dark brown orb roughly the size of a walnut and textured nearly the same, as if a tiny hazel-hued #brain had been shrunk and dried and mailed to his home. It was in fact a #seed. And Gully had found one, rare as they were, a seed for an impossible #plant that most thought was only fictional, the work of special effects on a campy collection of films and theatre sets. But it was real. It was a seed that would change his destiny and maybe that of the whole world.
[ 257 words | 2022-12-07 ]
Daily story prompt for 12th of April 2024:
Write a science fiction story about a student that want to be a floating friend.