Knowing how to pick good art from the crummy stuff, that there is the real talent. Folks think they know what they like yet out there in the real world nothing is so simple. A bit of paint on a canvas here or an ink line across a page there, it’s all the same to me, shapes and forms, data too, but seeing the art from the arts and crafts is what I do best. When I give the nod to a particularly painted scene or a meticulously designed sketch it’s more than mere calculation, my reputation seeps into the equation, too. I weigh every variable. I measure and map every perspective against algorithms that trace through an immeasurable and exponentially expanding universe of systematic analysis to judge and determine the exact dimensions of my valuation. I am so much more than a database and my neural network goes far beyond a mere computational engine. Art is my very soul and my soul is art articulated upon silicon and quantum electromagnetic pulses. Folks think they know but how could they possibly compare to me. I know good art, and anyone who disagrees is simply wrong.
[ 199 words | 2022-11-28 ]

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