mobile skyline

January 7

There is this photographer’s saying that goes something like, the best camera is the one you have. But it’s a truly shitty saying to fall back on when you find an epic moment and the only camera you have with you is a mediocre camera in your mobile. More of an excuse for something you know should have been a much better picture, if you were actually carrying a good camera.

I was driving home from band practice shortly before 10pm on a chilly January evening and one of the routes I can take home drives southbound past a neighbourhood that skirts the river valley in the west side of the city core. Because of the landscape, there are a few spots where a creek wends down from the prairie landforms leaving a gap where no houses can be built and instead a span of a hundred meters or so has left a space to peer at the view as one drives by. I’ve driven this a thousand times and normally I’ve stopped glancing, but last night I did and two minutes later I had detoured into the aforementioned neighbourhood, parked and was standing ankle-deep in snow trying to grab at least one okay photo of the cityscape across the valley below.

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