Resolved to Run

January 1

I’m taking a new tactic for a new year. Starting today I’m gonna try and post one picture per day.

No guides. No challenges. No rules… well, ok, one rule: at least one picture per day.

Just a photo per day. I’ll try to have taken it that day… but perhaps if I take two great photos one day maybe you’ll see the second photo instead of a new one the next day… or the next week. No rules, remember.

Maybe there will be a gallery of similar shots from the same shoot. Or maybe just one picture.

But every day.

Today was the kick off to the new year, the new decade, and as such is my tradition I stood in the cold (it wasn’t so bad this year, to be honest) and then ran in the cold, then went inside and ate pancakes with my running pals. It was a good first day of the decade.


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