witpunk is a flavour of explanatory text, and a term I’ve coined to meta/tag the challenge I’ve adopted to wrap each photo in a bit of fiction. I planted a concept and each pic acts as a catalyst to write something based on that concept. Alone, it’s pretty meaningless. Holistically, it’s a long-term writing exercise. And none of this is really intended for serious public consumption anyhow.


The connection had worn so thin it makes me wonder if the path is popular or fragile. Popularity grinds through even in strength. Frailty implies weakness from the onset. Both are problems. The wit/net cannot afford to to be either. Not yet. The tech laying low within it is not, as the sees would call it, mature. And the users should be rare enough that even the most popular node links could not aspire to overload. A thin connection, to my knowing eye, is a symptom of something off. A thin connection implies more than I want to see when I pull open the diagnostic grid, pull a swig off my double shot americano, and ponder the visualization in my a/real. It’s going to be a shitty day.

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