trail/shark (#witpunk)

witpunk is a flavour of explanatory text, and a term I’ve coined to meta/tag the challenge I’ve adopted to wrap each photo in a bit of fiction.


In the wit/net everything means something, and nothing means much of anything at all. That’s the paradox of dealing in raw wit, and there ain’t no getting around it.

Some witsharks swear that watching nodes is more than sport. Some witsharks tell it that there are patterns in how nodes behave after they become nodes. That behavior is the window to understanding the health of the network. Look at how a node steps through life, grows, adapts, changes, acts, talks, runs through the wilderness — all of it means everything, something, nothing. A good witshark knows which, but the patterns tell all.

See, my granny used to read the sludge of wet tea leaves on the bottom of her fine china. It meant everything, something, but probably nothing, and that was all I saw; art and fanciful imagination smudged into an organic stain on the bottom of her cup.

I think we witsharks tend to think we’ve created bigger than just a simple collection, that we’ve built something additive out of a thing, like tea leaves, mashing together the wits of unsuspecting new nodes and the sludge of what’s left behind grows beyond simple connections.

That’s why we watch from afar. Look for patterns. Interpret. Assume. None of it means much of anything. Or maybe it means everything. If I actually knew —

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